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M86 Security Labs now part of Trustwave’s SpiderLabs

By Phil Hay  •  April 1st, 2012  •   General

Many of you are probably already aware of the acquisition of M86 Security by Trustwave. As part of the acquisition, we are pleased to announce that M86 Security Labs is combining with Trustwave’s SpiderLabs. We are excited by the move, as we become part of a larger and more diverse team of security professionals that focus on penetration testing, incident response, application security and security research. The combined team will be stronger, with enhanced threat intelligence and resources which can only help our customers going forward.

So this then is the final post in the M86 Security Labs blog. But we are not going away. We will be continuing the research that underpins the security updates to all our products. We will also be contributing to ‘Anterior’, the official blog of SpiderLabs. We encourage all our readers to visit Anterior and sign up to the RSS feed here. Existing blogs on this site will remain for now, but will be moved over to Anterior in the near future.

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